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Because that's exactly what Arlan's did across their 17 stores in year one of grocery ecommerce. 

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3x larger baskets


Millions of orders

average annual added revenue

completed on Rosie

online vs in-store

Increase basket size with:

Rosie's Marketing Tools

Online SNAP

Store-Branded Mobile Apps


From customizable hero carousels, to digital end caps with Collections, Rosie Retailers have reported up to 147% YoY growth in revenue using our tools!

SNAP makes up roughly 8% of the food Americans purchase, which comes out to approx. $56 billion a year! Offer SNAP today.

The convenience of a mobile app is unbeaten, and now you can put your grocery store in the palm of your customer's hand!

Get your locally famous apple pie in front of more with the ability to sell online. Cater closes the gap between custom food orders and ecommerce.

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