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Increase basket size with loyalty and promo programs!

Are you looking for a way to keep your customers coming back, while increasing basket size? We know it can be tough, but that's where Rosie's latest partnership can help.

Did you know that 77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more when using a discount code?

AppCard is the next generation of customer engagement, offering personalized marketing, digital coupons and shopper analytics for independent retailers. This unparalleled partnership enables shoppers to sign-up using their mobile number and:

  • receive digital receipts
  • receive special loyalty pricing 
  • earn points and rewards
  • expand instore promos to online customers
  • and more!

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Get the digital capabilities of a nationwide chain available at an affordable price point. Don't miss out.

How will AppCard & Rosie benefit you?

We know that investing in a new software can sometimes feel overwhelming, but AppCard works hard for you - enabling you to deliver best-in-class personalized marketing to your customers, while making it easy. Check out some of the reasons how AppCard could benefit you below:

Integrates with your ecommerce platform

The richest digital coupons

Increase first time sales

Increase basket size

Bring in-store promos online

Improve customer loyalty

You'll have the ability to add digital coupons to your ecommerce store, providing customers with more ways to save.

First time buyers with a coupon code are more likely to try what it is you're offering, driving more sales for you!

77% of consumers spend up to $50 more when using a discount code, increasing revenue.

Bring convenience to your customers, offering the same great deals online as in-store. 

Existing customers are 9x more likely to convert than first time buyers - reward your customers today. 

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